Splash N Dash

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Today I was working in Dalkey Quarry with a group from The Dodder Sea Scouts. Willie and I had two observers out gaining experience for their SPA. We set up bottom up ropes on Drinkers Delight and Drinkers Direct both VDiff's and ideal for first climbs. We then set up an abseil on the slab beside Yorkshire Pudding and a top rope on Yorkshire Pudding. With all of the participants getting lots of climbing and abseiling done we decided to move over to  the Paradise Lost area and set up another abseil and top rope. Everything went very well. Afterwards, Willie and I  and the two observers, Dan and Fiona stayed back in the quarry to look at set ups and rescue scenarios they might encounter on an assessment like your second climbing past a runner, a crag fast climber and something getting caught in a belay device while abseiling.

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