SPA Assessment BOS / Mountaineering Ireland The Single Pitch Award (SPA) scheme provides training and assessment in the skills required to lead and supervise groups during single pitch rock climbing activities. The scope of the award covers personal climbing, safe group management, crag etiquette, environmental responsibilities and more. Candidates will learn how to become an effective supervisor, encouraging others to enjoy climbing safely, whilst also improving their own climbing skills. A single pitch route is defined as one which is climbed without intermediate stances, is described as single pitch in guidebooks, allows climbers to be lowered to the ground at all times, in non-tidal, non-serious and has little objective danger, presenting no difficulties on approach or retreat. Is it for you? Between training and assessment, candidates are required to complete and log an absolute minimum of 40 climbs, outdoors, on leader placement protection. Some of these must be at least Severe grade and they should be on as wide a range of venues as possible. They must also have assisted with the supervision of climbing for approximately 20 sessions at a variety of locations. Ten of these sessions must have been completed under the supervision of an SPA holder or higher award holder. Candidates are also expected to gain bouldering experience both as an individual and in a supervisory capacity prior to assessment. For any leader, first aid is an essential skill. Prior to undertaking SPA assessment, therefore, candidates must also hold a current, relevant first aid qualification. BOS recommends that all but the most experienced candidates allow a minimum of six months between training and assessment. What we Cover? SPA assessment takes places over two days, and also includes evening sessions. Candidates will be tested in practical aspects of the syllabus by BOS-approved assessors. Written tests of some form may also be given in advance of, or during, assessment. They will not determine the final result but will aid the assessors when considering the choice of tasks to be set in the course. Written papers are likely to focus on areas of the syllabus which include the crag environment and knowledge of the sport. Duration: 2 Days Cost: €200 per person. Location: Dalkey Quarry Pre-Requisites: As per syllabus above Ratio:1-4 instructor ratio & 1-2 instructor ratio on student day Contact Us or Book Now