Below you will find a list of our regular courses. A full list of courses can be found by using the drop down menu's at the top of the page. Our hill walking and mountaineering courses and sessions range from complete basics to advanced navagation, mountaincraft, scrambling and winter mountaineering as well as rock climbing in europe and further afield!. For more specific tailor-made courses please send us an enquiry and we'll be pleased to help.

Hill Walking Intro

Walking alongside our experienced and knowledgeable instructors, you will enjoy a full days walking across some of Ireland finest mountain scenery. Taking a comfortable pace through remote rugged countryside you will also have a chance to see a wide range of flaura and fauna. You are bound to go home with some great memories and plenty of photos. Further Information

Mountain Walking Weekend

If you’re keen to try Hill Walking and would like to savour the joys of the Irish Mountainside for a full weekend then why not let our qualified instructors take you on a journey you’re sure to enjoy. This 2 day session will include an overnight camp in a remote tranquil setting where you can fully appreciate all that Ireland's Mountains have to offer. During the course of the weekend you will have plenty of opportunity to gain valuable knowledge about the skills required to become completely self-sufficient in the Irish mountains. Further Information

Mountain Skills Training. MS1 & MS2

Mountain Skills  is an introductory course and qualification that demonstrates your own personal ability in the Irish and UK mountains. The syllabus is administered by Mountaineering Ireland. Further Information

Intro to Scrambling

If you’re a keen Hill Walker but just lack the experience to venture of the beaten track and take a more vertical approach to your mountain summits then let one of our qualified instructors “show you the ropes”! During the course of the day you’ll be educated in route choice, equipment, use of a safety rope and anchors / belays. Further Information

Welsh Scrambling

So you’ve done a bit of scrambling or attended our Intro to Scrambling course, then it’s time to set sail. During this 3 day session you’ll get to cover some of Snowdonia’s classic ridges and scrambles, whilst learning basic rope skills, belays, route finding and more. Further Information

Italian Rock Week

So you’re a keen climber and can second up to Severe or above and want to experience what the European mountains have to offer. This Hot Rock week based in Arco, Italy is the course for you! During the course of the week there will be days spend on single and multi-pitch routes. Giving you an unbelievable experience to climb on fabulous limestone with breath taking views and savour the Italian lakes and mountains. Further Information

REC2 First Aid

Our HSE approved courses are delivered in a way that promotes an enjoyable and friendly learning environment. REC courses are not designed to overload you with terminology, but to provide training that will equip you to deal with a wide range of first aid scenarios. Sitting in a classroom for 2 days is not what this course is about. Further Information