Ever wondered how climbers you see at the wall or at the crag seems to look graceful and elegant and yet you feel cumbersome and pumped. These regular winter weekly 3 hour sessions will give you detailed guidance and training into body movement, positioning and balance. Before you know it you’ll be rising up the grades with finesse and style. Is it for you? If you are new to the climbing scene or being around for a while but just dont feel comfortable moving on rock then this course has something for you. Many people get into climbing either at wall or through friends and the focus is on belays, basic skills and safety. These are all important however technique is often overlooked and the sooner you gain an understanding of body positioning, balance and movement the sooner you will be able to climb better with more style and more enjoyment. What we Cover? These weekly coaching courses focuses on climbing style, body positioning, technique progression and much more. Depending on your past experience our experienced instructors will analyse your existing abilities and work with you over the course of several sessions to corerct and focus your technique. Students are expected to have their own harnes and rock shoes. •Body positioning • Difference between power, strength and stamina •Mental preperation •Techniques for different route types. •Injury Avoidance •Video Analysis and Feedback Duration: Regular weekly courses over winter period Cost:€45 per person including all equipment hire and wall admission Location: Dublin Indoor climbing venues Pre-Requisites: done some indoor / outdoor climbing or committed climber wishing to improve. Ratio: 1-4 instructor ratio Max Contact Us or Book Now