Climbing Wall Award Training BOS / Mountaineering Ireland The Climbing Wall Award (CWA) scheme provides training and assessment in the skills required to lead and supervise groups at Indoor Walls and Climbing Towers. This scheme has been designed to provide a level of basic competence for those who are in a position of responsibility during climbing activities at walls. Whilst the award does include a measure of personal competence it is not designed as a personal proficiency programme, and it should not be used as either an entry requirement or a measure of suitability for individuals who wish to climb on climbing walls Is it for you? Before registration, candidates must be able to answer yes to the following questions:
  • Are you at least 17 years old?
  • Are you an individual or club member of Mountaineering Ireland?
  • Do you have a minimum of 6 month's indoor climbing experience and climbed at 3 different walls including 1 major public wall or more?
  • Have led routes indoors
  • Do You have a general knowledge of climbing as a sport and the variety of aspects of climbing?
What we Cover? CWA training courses are held over a minimum of two days (16 hours) and comprise a mixture of indoor lectures/discussions and  practical wall sessions. Topics covered on the CWA training syllabus will include: technical competence (such as equipment, anchors, belaying, abseiling, and personal climbing skills), group management and supervision, emergency procedures, etiquette and promoting the sport of climbing and mountaineering. To view the entire BOS / Mountaineering Ireland CWA syllabus, click here: The course can be operated in any suitable indoor facility Duration: 2 Days Cost: €200 per person (includes wall admission). Location: Various Pre-Requisites: As per syllabus above Ratio: 1-6 instructor ratio Contact Us or Book Now See what our customers say about this course: I did the CWA 2 day course in July, Awesome walls, with Rob Davies of Vertigo Outdoor. There were 3 other climbers taking the course, whom I learned a variety of things from them sharing their goals and thoughts regarding the course as well as their previous climbing experiences and future aspirations. Breakdown: On the first day we learned an assortment of games, methods and tricks to make warming up for climbing fun as well as functional. With a good group of people this was a lot of fun for us, we learned a lot despite the laughing and playing around. Next was learning how to get the kids/ beginners to have a fun focused activity whilst learning how to climb without realizing it. From an instructor's perspective this would give the added benefit of seeing how each individual moves naturally and what you can add to their movement to improve their technique. Also covered were ways to keep a group entertained while one climbed. I was impressed at the variety of innovations and fun factor in this section of the course. Over the 2 days Rob's work ethic of safety was evident as he emphasized that, as instructors, we should be avoiding problems by using best practice from the start. This would reduce the possible injury and rescue situations that can arise. We learned (fairly thoroughly) how deal with situations (such as securing the system while assisting a climber who got suck/injured on a climb) as part of the course but I like this philosophy of problem prevention through best practice. On the second day what we learned about games for kids was put into practice; each of the other trainees added their own unique elements of fun to it. Our lead climbing abilities were assessed and Rob shared his simple but effective video playback coaching with us. Safety topics ranged from knots, belaying, falling (fall factors), rope stretch and lead climb dangers, karabiner and harness uses and limitations. Also mentioned were facility in-house rules and how they can vary, something instructors need to be aware of if we are taking groups to new places.   Final thoughts: Having had time to reflect since my training I've realized that one of the important criteria for taking a training course, especially one that is hands on with learning through practical experience, is choosing an enthusiastic and capable instructor. I got lucky; initially choosing Rob as he was one of the first to bring the course to Ireland and I was keen to get started but his wealth of knowledge, strong safety ethics and passion for climbing became apparent on the first day. A great instructor who gave me so much climbing and safety tips as well as keeping the 2 days intensive learning fun. I highly recommend the CWA course for aspiring instructors (even SPA holders) who want to learn about safety, movement coaching and keeping things fun for kids and adults 🙂 Michael Slattery. CWA Training August 2013