Designed to be the ultimate fun weekend experience for all the family. Over the course of this 2 day course you will be taken from never having climbed before to a family of rock stars. All of the basic rope work, equipment selection and climbing techniques will be covered and you will get plenty of routes under your belt..under the direct supervision of our expert staff. Is it for me? The course is specially designed for families who want a fun and educational introduction to rock climbing or just fancy something a bit different to do as a team. You will look at the essential skills to get you started. You don’t need any previous experience, or need to be too fit or strong, just be keen to have some fun and do some climbing. What we cover We feel it is very important for you to progress at your own pace. Therefore we carefully select climbs that suit your family’s aspirations and ability. Each morning the course staff will decide on a venue which is best suited to the weather conditions and the group. Our programme is flexible, but we tend to start on single pitch crags (less than one rope length high). The second day, if appropriate, we split into smaller groups and tackle one of the larger multi pitch crags. Over the 2 days you will cover: •Introduction to simple ropework •Belaying (controlling the rope for the climber) •Single and multi pitch ascents •Abseiling •Use of technical equipment •Where do I go from here? - after the course All our staff are dedicated climbers and have a great depth of knowledge of the local crags. They are qualified and experienced in teaching climbing at all levels from beginners to more advanced climbers, and will be keen to pass on their knowledge to you. The day begins at 9am meeting on the first morning of the course, We return from a full day of activity by 5pm.